Take The Literacy Challenge

LiteracyThe Literacy Center is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit public benefit organization dedicated to improving lives through literacy, education, mobile learning and tutoring for students and adults by coordinating comprehensive educational plans and learning strategies to ensure a pathway to college and careers. The Literacy Center provides four major functions: core course instruction, remediation, workshops and tutoring. Recreational and enrichment activities are also available to students.

 Advanced literacy is a prerequisite to adult success in the twenty-first century. By advanced literacy we do not mean simply the ability to decode words or read a text, as necessary as these elementary skills are. Instead we mean the ability to use reading to gain access to the world of knowledge, to synthesize information from different sources, to evaluate arguments, and to learn totally new subjects. These higher-level skills are now essential to young Americans who wish to explore fields as disparate as history, science, and mathematics; to succeed in postsecondary education, whether vocational or academic; to earn a decent living in the knowledge-based globalized labor market; and to participate in a democracy facing complex problems.

The literacy challenge confronting adults, children, families, and schools in the United States has two parts. The first is the universal need to better prepare students for twenty-first-century literacy demands. The second is the specific need to reduce the disparities in literacy outcomes between children from disadvantaged backgrounds and those from more privileged homes.

The “literacy problem” we address here is not that literacy has declined among recent generations of children. It is that today’s economy and the complex political and social challenges facing the nation demand more advanced skills than ever before.  Take the Literacy Challenge by volunteering to help someone learn or improve on their reading to broaden their horizon.